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AV stands for audio visual. AV equipment encompasses electronic media with audio and visual components, for example an interactive whiteboard or conference telephone.

NEETS A/S is a Danish company which manufactures products for presenters. So, what exactly makes AV equipment important for presenters?

NEETS AV equipment are designed to be user-friendly means of generating positive experiences for the presenter and the meeting attendees. A presentation should capture the attention of an audience and be a memorable experience overall. Using AV equipment efficiently and creatively can facilitate greater communication and connection between a presenter and their audience. Some audience members may be more prone to auditory learning, whereas others may need visual stimuli to retain information. Stimulating the senses will leave a longer lasting impression and increase connection to the message of the presentation.

AV equipment can also act as a time saver, i.e. large amounts of information can be concisely presented through projected visual aids as the right equipment allows a presenter to reinforce key points.

The technologies in use can be run individually or together. An A/V control system is at the core of a productive system, however. A presenter with this multi-tasking tool can control each piece of technology either individually or in tandem. A/V control systems can remotely affect lighting and sound functions, door locks, content uploads and more. Many businesses that host conferences and presentations routinely invest in these systems.

A hardware solution from NEETS such as a touch screen or a keypad removes the need for a stack of remote controls. Nonetheless, touch panels are gradually being replaced with software ready to install onto a consumer’s smart phone. Looking into the future, one could argue that control will become even more automatic, for further functional simplicity. People want to have control, but do not want to have to work hard for it to take effect.


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