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Building Britain - Cities where the most homes are being built

Across the UK property demand continues to outweigh supply. To overcome this issue house building targets have recently been revealed. During the Autumn Budget chancellor, Rishi Sunak confirmed that the government will put £11.5 billion towards building up to 180,000 new, affordable homes across the country.

Since the announcement the home building target has been questioned by many in the property industry including the Building Back Britain Commission.

Clothes2Order recently analysed data from the government and Indeed to reveal the areas of the country where new build homes are in the most supply.


UK’s new build housing hotspots

The research looked at a range of factors including the number of homes built in 2020, and the number of homes built per 100,000 people.

Cities that are the best for factors including construction jobs in the area, planning application success rates were assessed. An overall Construction Score was used to rank each location accordingly.

A list of the largest towns and cities in the UK was used to sample locations. Using Office for National Statistics data supplied by The Geographist, the 50 largest towns and cities in the country by population were chosen.

Milton Keynes came out on top as the area with the most homes built. In 2020 684.39 homes were built per 100,000 people in the largest town in Buckinghamshire.

Manchester also ranked highly as the city in the northwest of England had almost 3,000 (2,990) homes built last year, making Manchester the city with the highest number of homes built in 2020.

Huddersfield was the town with the most building activity when analysing construction jobs, planning applications, and new homes built.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Leicester was the city with the least building activity. In 2020 only 29.73 homes per 100,000 people were built in this city.

See the tables below for the locations with the most homes build per 1000,000 people and the 10 towns and cities with the least new build homes.

Rank City/Town Population Homes Built 2020 Homes Built per 100,000
1 Milton Keynes 184,105 1,260 684.39
2 Huddlesfield 170,269 990 581.43
3 Leeds 503,388 2,740 544.31
4 Manchester 554,400 2,990 539.32
5 Telford 149,377 790 528.86
6 Peterborough 175,680 840 478.14
7 Newcatle Upon Tyne 281,842 1,000 354.81
8 Derby 263,933 880 333.42
9 Wolverhampton 218,255 690 316.14
10 Cambridge 149,023 460 308.68
Rank City/Town Homes Built 2020 Homes built per 100,000
1 Leicester 91.30 29.73
2 Blackpool 56.96 109.80
3 Portsmouth 99.81 104.64
4 London 80.02 214.75
5 Luton 204,57 130.10
6 Kingston upon Hull 62.70 117.78
7 Birmingham 130.10 71.07
8 Southampton 151.17 148.57
9 Brighton 126.86 53.72
10 Stoke-on-Trent 55.22 245.44

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