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Tennis-related road names can increase house price value up to 226%

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. Whether watching television, live streaming online or physically present at a tournament, thousands of UK citizens enjoy watching tennis.

The cancellation of Wimbledon in 2020 was a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, the sporting event which interests around 46% of the population will be returning to our television screens this month.

In 2016 Sir Andy Murray, a renowned British tennis player, won the tournament. According to studies, this triumph directly correlated to the house price increase in Wimbledon. Properties have risen by 9% since the win, this is 4% higher than the wider London house price average.


National estate agent Keller Williams UK reveals, in comparison to average prices across England and Wales, tennis-related homes aid a 36% house price premium (£358,050).

In tennis, the word ‘Ace’ means a ball that is served so well it results in the opponent being unable to touch it with their racket. Research shows, homes on roads that contain the word ‘Ace’ command the largest premium (£860,000). This is 226% higher than the national house price.

The word ‘Spin’ in tennis refers to the forward rotation of the tennis ball. A 42% premium is facilitated with road names that contain this tennis term.

Roads with the word ‘Love’, meaning zero in tennis, had increased house prices by 37%.

Meanwhile, roads with the name ‘Court’, the location that tennis is played on, boosted house prices 25% above the national average.

Ben Taylor from Keller Williams adds: ‘While you’d be hard pushed to draw a direct line between road names and the price people are willing to pay for homes, there is a thought process behind it. Words like ‘Ace’, ‘Love’, and ‘Court’ have all been chosen because they bring with them ideals of strength, security, and success.’

‘However, you never know what a tennis mad homebuyer might be willing to pay in order to incorporate their sporting passion into their bricks and mortar purchase.’

In contrast, research shows not all tennis-related road names boost house prices. Roads with ‘Set’ in the name sold for a disappointing 41% less than the national average, while roads with ‘Grass’ in the title sold for 17% below the average.

Nonetheless, Wimbledon remains an affluent London location with high public interest. The popular sport continues to impact the local housing market and spark a significant amount of interest too.


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