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Remotely working while moving from one location to another is becoming popular. Due to technological advancement, people who depend on the internet and technology for their work travel freely. They took little material possessions while visiting different countries. However, some digital nomads may choose to stay at a location for some time.

Individuals who work remotely from various destinations across the globe are digital nomads. You might operate from your house, co-working spaces, a café, public libraries, or a beach. A company’s worker or freelancer can enjoy this new lifestyle. Likewise, you can move freely worldwide while maintaining digital connectivity and completing your work remotely.

Starting a Nomadic Way of Life

It is a fantastic journey if you seamlessly transition into this work life. It helps if you identify whether the lifestyle is suitable for you. Assess yourself and determine if you can cope with the demands of working while moving. Find out if you can choose adventure over stability and whether the lifestyle can negatively affect productivity.

Besides, determining your capability to handle challenges associated with the nomad lifestyle will help you make the right decision. For example, you may have difficulty getting reliable Wi-Fi at your destination. Also, find out if your income can fund your travels. Remember that you will pay for transportation, lodging, internet access, and meals.

Choosing a destination that encourages productivity is necessary. Also, it would be best to factor in the cost of living and Wi-Fi strength at your proposed location. Consider your priorities when choosing a destination. Whether you choose a peaceful beach or a busy city, each area has benefits and downsides.

A city that provides good internet connectivity may not support an economical budget. Contrarily, you may live comfortably on a thrifty budget in a suburban area. However, internet access may need to be more consistent. You also have to consider the cultural practices in such locations.

Due to certain favorable factors, some countries, such as Malta and Portugal, are experiencing increased entrance of digital nomads. Besides, checking your destination’s regulations and immigration requirements for digital nomads is necessary. Looking into visas for digital nomads will help you achieve a successful adventure.

The Ideal Location for Remote Workers

The requirements for productive remote work help you choose a suitable destination. They include an environment that can motivate you, a consistent internet connection, and comfortable accommodation. Malta can satisfy these needs, highlighting the recent inflow of digital nomads into the country.

This location has a mild climate, beautiful beaches, and spectacular scenery. It is ideal for various outdoor activities and a perfect fit if you enjoy an active lifestyle. The island country has a lively culture, and you may experience some activities. Besides, Malta possesses a solid telecommunications infrastructure, providing dependable internet access.

What’s more, with its exemplary standard of living and reasonably priced housing, Malta is an excellent place for people who work while moving. This destination provides a motivating and cozy atmosphere required by remote workers. Besides, numerous lodging options that suit various budgets and tastes are available. 

Accommodations Accessible in Malta

Various accommodation options are available to remote workers in this island country. However, it would help if you consider your needs, preferences, amenities provided, and location. It is best to research a suitable living space in Malta. Besides, some accommodations in this location include fitness facilities, cleaning services, and social events. You may rent an apartment, book a hotel, or opt for Airbnb or hostels.

The European real estate market provides cozy accommodations for digital nomads in Malta and other regional destinations. You can find your preferred lodging option from vacation rentals in Malta, like shortzzz.com. However, digital nomads mostly prefer co-living spaces. This housing arrangement provides both private spaces and communal common areas. However, you may have your kitchen and bathrooms.

Co-living Spaces Surge in Malta

Due to the increased entrance of remote workers into this island nation, many rental accommodations now provide co-living spaces. This new trend in the real estate market combines private with shared living spaces. This housing option offers a solution to the demand for affordable accommodation. Besides, it is ideal for individuals who seek community living experiences.

Over time, digital nomads may find maintaining traditional lodging options expensive. You pay extra for housekeeping services, internet access, and laundry whether you rent an apartment or lodge in a hotel. The costs may put a strain on your finances. Besides, you may not experience the comfort that will help boost your productivity.

Co-living spaces provide an encouraging and cooperative environment beneficial to remote workers. This type of living arrangement promotes productivity and individual growth while providing networking opportunities. Several reasons resulted in the surge of this lodging option.


Co-living facilities provide reasonably priced lodging choices, particularly for extended stays. Due to the sharing of common areas and bills, this option is budget-friendly. Besides, most co-living options include housekeeping services and utilities in their leasing payments, preventing you from paying extra charges.


The renting arrangements for these living spaces are adjustable. You can select a time frame that works for your demands and schedule. Consequently, you can rent cozy lodging for a brief period.


Co-living spaces provide several services to assist you in getting the most out of your everyday tasks, so you can concentrate on your work. They have a fully-equipped kitchen, co-working areas, housekeeping services, a fast internet, and fitness and laundry equipment. The amenities make co-living spaces appealing and comfortable.

Community Lifestyle

This accommodation option allows you to experience communal life with others. You may learn about various cultures worldwide and network. Additionally, cohabitation with like-minded individuals might lead to collaboration.

Conditions for Obtaining the Visa

The government launched a policy that permits remote workers to remain and work for a full year. If you still satisfy the requirements, you can extend your Nomad visa before it expires. The following requirements must be met for the visa to be granted. The individual needs to:

  • Be a citizen of a non-EU country ;

  • Distantly work for clients or companies ;

  • Earn €2,700 each month ;

  • Have a current health insurance policy.

The prerequisite for working remotely includes freelancers who offer services to clients outside Malta. Employees of companies that aren’t based in that destination are also eligible. If you satisfy the demands, complete the application online and submit the documents to the relevant agency.

You should submit your visa application with the essential documents. Gathering these requirements before completing the request form ensures you get them all. They include the following:

  • A current passport that has at least a few blank pages ;

  • Application forms that are relevant to you. It could be a request for data protection, a residency permit, or to bring a relative into the nation ;

  • A work contract outlining your job responsibilities to demonstrate that you receive a consistent wage for working remotely ;

  • A cover letter outlining your reasons for selecting Malta as your location and how long you intend to stay ;

  • A resume highlighting your most recent work experiences and certificates you've earned from previous training ;

  • A legitimate health insurance card ;

  • A health status declaration ;

  •  A bank statement with transactions from the previous six months listed. The document shows your capability to finance your stay in the country ;

  • A document showing your relationship status. Submit a copy of your marriage license if married ;

  • An accommodation proof like a rental agreement is evidence of your accommodation in Malta.

If the relevant agency approves your visa, you will receive an invitation to Malta. Relatives may be admitted following Maltese government regulations. Furthermore, if you want to stay longer than six months, the nation permits you to apply for a nomad resident permit.

Create Memorable Experiences in Malta

With its mild climate and tranquil beaches, the island offers the necessities remote workers require. The destination boasts numerous entertainment activities, cafes, and restaurants. You will enjoy staying at this location with high-speed internet, comfortable and affordable accommodation, and delicious dishes

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