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The Dos and Don'ts of Selling Your Home

25 June 2015 23759 Views
The Dos and Don'ts of Selling Your Home

Recent figures show that the UK is currently facing a housing shortage, with the lowest number of properties available for sale since records began.

While this issue could mean that there is more interest in your home, there are many factors that can help or hinder securing a sale. Here are some dos and don'ts to consider before listing your property.

Do Make Repairs

A home in a bad state of repair could command a lower price tag than similar properties in the area. So before you approach estate agents, make sure to carry out any repair work. Fix mould, sort out windows, complete interior design work, remove clutter and make sure the exterior is tidy. Good presentation can help to achieve the best possible price in a shorter period of time.

Do Provide Purpose

As well as carrying out repairs, make your property more appealing by giving every room a purpose. Turn the junk room into a bedroom and place a table in the dining room. Clearly defined spaces allow viewers to envisage how they could live in your home, helping to secure a sale.

Do Reduce Fees and Increase Profit

Selling a property comes with a number of expenses, including estate agency fees. These charges can cost up to 3% of the final sale value. To reduce costs, consider bypassing traditional high street agents and market your property online. Fees typically start at around £500 for an online service, meaning you could save thousands – House Network claims to have saved home owners more than £45,000,000 during the last 11 years.

Don't Choose the Agent with the Highest Property Valuation

On a similar note, it can be incredibly tempting to list your home with the agent who values your property at £20,000 more than others, but this can inhibit the sale. Before you commit, get prices from a number of agents and make sure you carry out thorough research to verify values.

Don't Allow Emotions to Interfere

It is natural to have emotional attachments to your home, but it is important to be objective. Before you list, accept that your idea of perfect may not be the same as someone else's. To help your home to sell, aim to make your home welcoming but neutral by reducing the number of personal items on display and toning down bright interior design statements.

Don't Make Huge Changes

While it is beneficial to make your home less personal, avoid large scale alterations, as the likelihood is that expensive structural changes will not be reflected in the sale value. Instead, carry out minor visual updates. For example, if your kitchen is looking tired, consider replacing cupboard doors and applying a fresh coat of paint, rather than installing new units.

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