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Interview of Colin Breavington
Written by the Introducer Today team
Colin Breavington, SearchFlow Operations Director

Who are you?

Colin Breavington

What does it say on your business card?


Operations Director

We hear SearchFlow is expanding next year, can you give us any details?

Yes, we are continually engaging with the industry; having conversations with conveyancers about their changing needs and requirements. As a result, we are expanding our services and product line. We have ambitious plans and will be shaking up the industry. We are looking forward to giving you more details in the New Year.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the search industry at the moment?

Conveyancing is fast evolving.  This sector has been slower than others, such as banking, insurance, travel and of course estate agency, to adapt to online technology but change is afoot.

The search industry needs to be able to respond to the growing expectation that everything can be accessed online in an instant. However, with conveyancing still associated as the greatest area of risk, with the highest level of negligence cases brought against law firms than any other area of practice, it can’t only be about speed.

Search providers have to offer the most up-to-date and accurate information on the local environment in an easily accessible manner.  Search providers need to continually work with their clients to help mitigate their risks.

How do you see SearchFlow's relationships with estate agents developing over the next few years?

At SearchFlow we have a vast amount of data to hand that will influence homebuyers’ position, the viability of a sale and price of a property. Engaging with estate agents and homebuyers alongside conveyancers at an earlier stage of the home buying process will transform the process; ultimately making it more transparent. We believe the home buying process is still relatively convoluted and that some improvements need to be made.

You've worked at some large companies over the years, what do you feel is the key to a successful brand?

You can have the biggest marketing budget and high profile campaign but ultimately the people within an organisation are the ambassadors; they create the brand.  Their combined commitment and professionalism will ensure the company builds on its reputation and delivers its promises to its customers.

What is one of your greatest achievements in your career?

During my career there have been several great moments.  Mostly I have enjoyed the times when I have been able to work with a group of capable people to achieve industry changing products and services. Such as the work I was involved with at the Digital Property Group with customer acquisition and the launching of additional products such as Market View.  We really did have a fantastic team there and I am fortunate enough to see some of these familiar faces at Searchflow.

What is the most satisfying part of your new role?

Working at The Digital Property Group, I have many years’ experience in the property industry.  Now, working for a search provider, it is very satisfying to be involved in a different area of the industry.  And I am ultimately working to achieve what has always been my main priority in these roles; striving to improve the house buying process for the industry, homebuyers and sellers.


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