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Too busy? Let technology take the strain

It's only right and proper that as a mortgage adviser you spend most of your time helping your clients buy or keep their home by selling mortgages: it's your core skill and one you’ve spent years honing.

But you shouldn't overlook the benefits of complementary products such as insurance, protection and conveyancing as well; they form part of a complete financial services package you can offer your customers. 

They’re also a great source of additional income and with proper use of today’s technology; advisers should never be too busy to seek out new opportunities. 


If a client visits an adviser wanting a mortgage, clearly the first thing on that adviser’s mind should be to find them the most appropriate mortgage that best suits their individual needs. 

Once that is complete, the adviser has a happy client, and a great deal of information on them. 

This can now go one of two ways: in scenario one, the adviser recognises the benefits of complementary products and how this can make the whole process easier if done right and uses the available technology to quickly and professionally offer a range of other services: alternatively the client can be simply signposted and left to make their own decisions. 

These days, most advisers' technology systems are so well integrated with one another, and the data collection and application forms involved so easy to pre-populate, that talking to a client about conveyancing, for example, having just sold them a mortgage, or a range of protection policies requires very little effort on the part of the adviser. 

As an example, some of the leading mortgage technology providers offer software solutions that give advisers access to suppliers and financial services providers who offer complementary products. Many of these providers have integrated links with POS/CRM and mortgage sourcing systems. This reduces the need for advisers to re-key in the information and makes the sales process almost entirely seamless. 

The benefits of being able to offer the client a complete and comprehensive suite of services are self-evident.

Firstly, they are an existing client. Existing clients are much easier to retain than new ones are to gain, and there is clearly a relationship already in place. 

Because of that, providing additional products that they need should be much more straightforward and any commission will be much more easily gained.

The process itself is simple. Using integrated software means that much of the administration is very easy to take care of. The tech means you don't have to start from scratch every time and the whole process is a good deal less stressful for both you and the client. 

Providing a comprehensive service makes you the client's first port of call should they need any other financial products. Rather than being simply; 'the person who sold me a mortgage' you are 'the person who manages all my financial services needs'. 

This broad relationship, coupled with ongoing support and high service levels, should also lead to referrals, which will see the wheel continue to turn.

So, if you think you are too busy to sell anything else other than mortgages you should think again: and let their technology take the strain. 

*Mark Lofthouse is Chief Executive Officer of Mortgage Brain, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. He can be contacted on 01527 557203 or mark.lofthouse@mortgage-brain.co.uk. 


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