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If you've recently bought or sold a home, or are in the latter stages of a property transaction, your thoughts are likely to have turned to moving day.


There's no denying it, moving home is likely to be a slightly stressful experience but it needn't leave you pulling your hair out.


To help you avoid any major moving meltdowns, here at Kings Group we've put together a few of our top tips to ensure a successful relocation…


Ensure the right people have been notified


Plenty of 'official' people need to have the correct address registered for you, so when the transaction has been processed and everything has been finalised, it’s important you keep the right people in the loop.


Your GP, dentist, schools (where applicable) and your employer are just a few of the important people who need to know your new whereabouts. On top of this, anyone you have a Direct Debit set up with will also need to be informed.


It’s also crucial that you get in touch with your energy, phone and internet providers to make sure everything is switched off when you leave your current home.


Smart packing


When upping sticks and moving to a new home, it’s crucial that you’re a shrewd and decisive packer. Anything that hasn’t been used in the last few years is unlikely to come in handy at your new home, so it might be time to dump it.


When you have sifted through and got rid of any unwanted items, it’s time to start filling those boxes. Most importantly; start early. Don’t underestimate how long packing your life away will take.


Ensure all boxes are labelled to make it simpler to unpack, and have lots of newspapers and bubble wrap ready to ensure the items stay safe.


It’s also vital that you leave important documentation and essential items till last to pack so that they are easy to find.


Also, we strongly advise packing the kettle last, as packing and unpacking will often be helped by a strong cup of tea!


Remove stress on moving day


When moving your worldly possessions from one location to another, no matter how short or long the distance is, you will need to transport it.


Whether you decide to employ the services of family and friends, or you opt for the professionals, they need to be contacted in advance to secure availability.


This is especially important in the many London locations where we operate where the number of property transactions going through is exceptionally high, especially on a Friday.


We also advise that if you go with the professionals, you opt for a company which is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR).


Here at estate agent Kings Group, we assist buyers and sellers with every aspect of the moving procedure, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


If you’re just at the start of the buying or selling process and would like to get in touch with a member of our expert team, then contact us on: 01707 872000.


We also have a brilliant free instant online valuation tool to help you discover how much your property could be worth.

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