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Bank of England slammed for interest rate attack on homeowners

The Bank of England has been sharply criticised for an “attack on homeowners” due to its refusal to cut rates. The Monetary...

19 June 2024

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Mortgage Moans - Watchdog asks why rates are so much higher

Jersey's mortgage rates have been consistently higher than those in the UK, sparking concern among consumers and prompting our investigation, according...

12 June 2024

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New broker tool launched by The Mortgage Works

The Mortgage Works is launching a new tool that provides brokers with the opportunity to support portfolio landlords.   With the buy...

10 June 2024

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Warning that interest rates will stay 'higher for longer' this year

Higher-for-longer interest rates are likely to remain for the rest of this year, warns the deVere Group, an independent financial advisory...

05 June 2024

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Landbay cuts stress testing requirements on like-for-like remortgages

Buy to let lender Landbay has enhanced its like-for-like remortgage range with new lower stress testing, alongside new rate reductions. For landlords...

15 May 2024

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Mortgage Lending set to double next year - new figures

UK mortgage lending is forecast to grow just 1.5% (net) in 2024, according to the latest EY ITEM Club Outlook for...

13 May 2024

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High Street lenders: Most hike rates, one reduces them

HSBC has made a slew of changes and increases to its residential and buy to let mortgage products. The bank is introducing...

09 May 2024

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Mortgage costs push housing market into north-south divide

It might look like house prices have stabilised, staying relatively flat over the first four months of 2024, but at least...

09 May 2024

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Prices of flats rising faster than any other property type

Big demand for small properties has helped to drive growth in UK property prices in the early months of this year,...

07 May 2024

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Popular lenders change rates and products for landlords

Keystone Property Finance has expanded its services by introducing further advances for landlords undergoing product transfers. As part of Keystone’s PT Plus...

29 April 2024

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Mortgage lending plummets ahead of expected summer surge

Mortgage lending has fallen by -28.6% in the past year, according to a new analysis. Octane Capital analysed gross mortgage lending data*...

24 April 2024

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Revealed - the latest trends in UK lending and borrowing

A new report reveals the latest trends  in UK lending and borrowing, compiled by lending software company Lenvi. The most notable trends include...

17 April 2024

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Outrage at “shameful” Halifax move to cut maximum age on some products

There’s been an angry reaction to news that from today - March 18 - Halifax is changing the maximum age allowed...

18 March 2024

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Agents impatient with mortgage lenders despite better news on sales

The estate agents’ trade body has made the unexpected move of calling on banks to cut mortgage rates. Rates are typically decided...

06 March 2024

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Stamp Duty’s damage to borrowers exposed by building society

The true cost of stamp duty is two thirds greater than the tax itself because it obliges buyers to spend far...

26 February 2024

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TSB raises some rates, reduces others; NatWest and Halifax increase

With the quick-fire mortgage rate cuts which characterised the past month now slipping into the rear-view mirror, the latest changes from...

12 February 2024

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Falling house prices and big mortgages – three major risks

Business consultancy Hargreaves Lansdown has identified three major risks associated with the current market, characterised by falling house prices and larger...

07 February 2024

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Boost In Buy To Let Lending expected this year say brokers

Just under half of mortgage brokers expect to place more limited company buy-to-let business throughout the next 12 months, Paragon Bank...

31 January 2024

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House prices fragile but sentiment amongst buyers very strong - Savills

Respected estate agency and property consultancy Savills is warning that house prices may dip in 2024. In the run-up to Christmas it...

31 January 2024

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Nationwide’s slashed rates take lending war to fever pitch

The UK's largest building society has slashed its cheapest mortgage rate to an eight-month low and significantly under the Bank of...

29 January 2024

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Happy Holidays! Lifetime mortgage funds fuel trips of a lifetime

Lifetime mortgage fund usage continues to show a mixture of aspirational and needs-based borrowing, according to figures from lender Pure Retirement....

24 January 2024

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Demand for Mortgages Soars as rates war draws in applicants

Latest Bank of England data released in recent days shows net mortgage approvals for house purchases rose from 47,900 in October...

08 January 2024

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Prime Housing Market - Confidence creeps back into mortgaged sector

High end estate agency Savills has issued an update on prime markets in and around London and south east England. And it...

03 January 2024

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Swap Rate falls trigger speculation of early 2024 rate cut

Falling swap rates - already falling over the past month - have dropped further following better-than-expected inflation news, triggering speculation over...

27 December 2023

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2024 - forecasts on lending, buy to let, arrears and possessions

UK Finance has published its housing and mortgage market forecasts for 2024 and 2025 together with projections for 2023 full year numbers. Key figures for 2023 In...

20 December 2023

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Alarm Bells Ring as mortgage arrears shoot upwards

The Bank of England says there was £18.8 billion of mortgage borrowing in arrears in the third quarter of this year. That’s...

20 December 2023

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Landlords to expand portfolios in 2024 despite huge increase in costs

Many landlords say they’re set to expand investments in 2024 despite facing up to 80 per cent higher costs in the...

18 December 2023

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Nationwide’s slashed rates means price war goes on to end of year

Nationwide has reduced selected mortgage rates by up to 0.43 per cent across its New Business, Switcher, Additional Borrowing, Existing Customers...

27 November 2023

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Buy-to-let landlords reduce borrowing amidst rising rates

The nation’s landlords are responding to higher levels of mortgage interest rates by cutting their borrowing. The research comes from specialist property...

15 November 2023

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Warning: Mortgage growth to hit 10-year low amid economic headwinds

The EY Item Club is warning that the UK is set to experience the slowest two-year mortgage growth in a decade. EY...

13 November 2023

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Bridging Lending Bounces Back in Q3 2023

Contributors to a quarterly specialist finance publication have reported a 15.3 per cent increase in bridging loan transactions, totalling £191m, during...

13 November 2023

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Unique mortgage affordability tool launched by digital broker

A digital mortgage broker has launched an online tool aggregating data from over 50 Buy to Let lenders to calculate what...

08 November 2023

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Dire borrowing and credit data from Bank of England

There’s been an alarming set of figures in the Bank of England’s latest Money and Credit report, which relates to September. Net...

08 November 2023

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Equity Release begins long haul back to normal market conditions

The equity release market has seen growth for the first time in 12 months with quarterly increases in both new customers...

08 November 2023

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Single First-Time Buyers cannot afford 75% of homes using Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Rightmove claims that single first-time buyers on an average salary and with a 5.0 per cent deposit could not afford three-quarters...

06 November 2023

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Base Rate on Hold - what it means for mortgages

The Bank of England has held base rate at 5.25 per cent, with most analysts saying this is likely to be...

06 November 2023

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Mortgage Advisers told to hard sell EPC upgrades to landlords

Jo Breeden, managing director of Crystal Specialist Finance, writes: In his recent speech, the Prime Minister scrapped the proposed changes to EPC...

30 October 2023

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Record mortgage debt repayments as equity release “changes market”

UK mortgage holders are repaying record amounts of mortgage debt, according to the  Equity Release Council. But the ERC claims high levels...

25 October 2023

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Halifax Heads Cluster of Lenders Scrambling for Business

A host of lenders have announced cuts to their rates in recent days, with Halifax arguably the most significant. It’s launched three-year...

23 October 2023

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Mortgage Crisis for Landlords With 40% Higher Payments

Landlords in the UK are paying 40 per cent more mortgage interest than in August 2022, which equates to an extra...

23 October 2023

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Borrowers Show Low Level Of Understanding Their Debt - survey

A depressing 64 per cent of people have taken out a mortgage or personal loan without fully understanding how it works,...

11 October 2023

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Many More 35-Year Mortgages - new figures show surge

New data from Experian reveals that one in four mortgages lent to those under 30 now have a term of 35...

11 October 2023

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Mortgage affordability to be hit by council mayhem - claim

Brokers are warning that dramatic council ‘effective bankruptcies’ will increase local residents’ tax bills and so hurt mortgage affordability. This follows the...

20 September 2023

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One More Rate Rise? Or Is This It For Now?

The jury is out as to whether there will be a rate rise this week when the Bank of England Monetary...

18 September 2023

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Four in 10 borrowers will be retired when their mortgages mature

Equifax data has found that 41 per cent of live mortgages in the UK are held by customers who will be...

13 September 2023

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UK Finance Review shows how borrowers cope with higher rates

UK Finance’s latest Household Finance Review - for the second quarter of this year - lifts the lid on mortgages. The headlines...

06 September 2023

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Mortgage Approvals Take A Dive, admits Bank of England

The Bank of England says net mortgage approvals decreased from 54,600 in June to 49,400 in July, although approvals for remortgaging slightly increased...

04 September 2023

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Borrowers switch to lump-sum repayments and fixed rate products

UK mortgage customers are turning to fixed rates and lump-sum payments as interest rates rise, according to new research by Butterfield...

23 August 2023

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Brokers angry at lenders’ “brutal” buy to let arrangement fees

Brokers are up in arms about alleged profiteering by buy to let mortgage lenders’ arrangement fees. These jumped last autumn as a...

23 August 2023

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Going Green - top lender’s bid to improve EPC ratings

Nationwide Building Society has launched a new Home Energy Efficiency Tool to coincide with the debut of new green loan products. The...

06 June 2023

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Mortgage rises put squeeze on buyers

Mortgage interest rates increased by 2.56% in 2022, with a sharp increase from 1.51% in January to a record 4.07% on...

28 March 2023

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Mortgage approvals down 20% year on year, but sunnier days ahead

The latest market analysis by specialist property lending experts, Octane Capital, reveals that recent uncertainty in the property market during the...

14 February 2023

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Buyers looking for lower energy costs in new homes

The latest sentiment survey by Knight Frank saw the demand for electric vehicle charging points continue, and 35% of respondents rating...

31 January 2023

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Bridging loans increase as rising base rates impact property market

Revolution Brokers claim that bridging loan lending has increased by nearly 50% since the Bank of England base rates began rising...

29 November 2022

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Buy or Rent - buying a home remains cheaper than renting

New findings by Revolution Brokers suggest that despite the increasing cost of borrowing, buying is less expensive than renting.  The analysis was conducted by...

01 November 2022

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Revealed - how to add some serious value to your property

Research by property maintenance solution provider, Help me Fix, has revealed that by adding an additional bedroom to your home could...

18 October 2022

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Oh dear! Mortgage payments see second largest increase

Not the best news for the property sector, as the latest research by Revolution Brokers, shows that the monthly cost of...

06 October 2022

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Devastating hit for homebuyers as mortgage costs climb

As governmental changes sweep through the nation, countless elements within the property sector have been affected, including mortgages. Market analysis by specialist...

27 September 2022

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Revealed - bridging loan borrowing increases by 22%

Mortgage broker, Henry Dannel, claim that over the past 12 months there has been a 22% increase in bridging loan lending...

08 September 2022

From: Breaking News

Mortgage transactions dip as interest rate hikes put strangle hold on borrowing

We don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but a market analysis carried out by mortgage broker, Henry Dannell, reveals...

18 August 2022

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Revealed – how to get a mortgage with adverse credit

As interest and mortgage rates rise, mortgage providers are becoming stricter when it comes to who they will and will not...

26 July 2022

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Mortgage roundup – a month of firsts in the mortgage sphere

This week’s mortgage roundup involves a month of firsts and milestones, with Proportunity and BuildLoan launching UK-first products for buyers. Meanwhile,...

05 July 2022

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Winner! UK leads Europe in mortgage market race

The UK is leading the way when it comes to the might of the mortgage sector and the number of properties...

02 June 2022

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Mortgage roundup – industry firsts and product enhancements

This week’s roundup takes a look at the latest in the mortgage market, from L&G’s latest addition to its lender panel...

26 May 2022

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Mortgage roundup – and the market continues to thrive…

Introducer Today returns with a bumper mortgage roundup, this time featuring the latest industry views on mortgage approvals, new and extended...

05 May 2022

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Outstanding mortgage values hit 10-year high, study shows

When it comes to the money owed as a result of mortgage borrowing in the last 10 years, UK homebuyers have...

29 March 2022

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Bad news? One in three borrowers could face mortgage rejections

New research from The Mortgage Lender (TML) reveals that 34% of UK adults planning to buy a home in the next...

01 March 2022

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Homebuyers: How could an interest rate rise affect you?

With the interest rate rising from 0.25% to 0.5%, Brian Murphy, head of lending at Mortgage Advice Bureau, shares his top tips homeowners...

22 February 2022

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Insight: Where are FTBs borrowing more than 7 times their salary?

With house prices rising at their fastest pace in 17 years, first-time buyers now need to borrow up to seven-and-a-half times...

15 February 2022

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Nationwide house price index shows strong market – industry reacts

The latest Nationwide house price index, released yesterday morning, reveals that January has seen the strongest start to the year since...

03 February 2022

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Mortgage roundup – lower rates, AVM integration and going green

This week’s mortgage roundup is a range of reduced rates and new products across the mortgage market, with Furness Building Society’s...

01 February 2022

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Homeowners – how could an interest rate rise affect you?

With the Bank of England raising interest rates for the first time in more than three years, Brian Murphy, head of lending...

23 December 2021

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Good news for advisors – tech prevails and business bounces back

Data released by independent equity release advisory service, Equity Release Supermarket (ERS), shows that there’s a continued desire amongst their customers to...

04 November 2021

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People willing to pay £1,200 more a year for a ‘certainty premium’

Most people are willing to pay a ‘certainty premium’ of £1,200 per year for a long-term guarantee of fixed mortgage repayments,...

21 October 2021

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UK homeowners borrowing more than ever to fund home improvements

According to new figures released by Mojo Mortgages, UK homeowners are now borrowing more money from mortgage lenders than ever before...

09 September 2021

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Family lending made simple with new lending platform

Tembo, the ‘next generation’ lending platform, has launched a new approach to family lending for mortgages. The lender offers a range of...

17 June 2021

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‘First-of-its-kind’ affordability sourcing tool launched by L&G

Legal & General (L&G) has announced that it will provide its digital mortgage sourcing technology to intermediary business, My Simple Mortgage. L&G...

15 June 2021

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Mortgage roundup – helping brokers, borrowers, lenders and advisers

Pure Retirement has announced the launch of its new flexible pricing methodology on the Classic lifetime mortgage product range. The new initiative...

04 June 2021

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Revealed – the cheapest countries to own a home around the world

Mortgage borrowing in the UK has now reached its highest level since 1993, with home buyers looking to make the most...

11 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Mortgage roundup – going green, secured loans and lowered rates

Newbury Building Society has introduced a GoGreen Reward incentive to its self-build mortgage to encourage homebuilders to make conscious sustainable choices. The...

23 March 2021

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Hope Capital launches range of residential refurbishment loans

Specialist short-term lender Hope Capital has launched a brand-new range of bridging loans specifically designed for borrowers undertaking property refurbishment projects. The...

12 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Together enhances its mortgage range amidst market resilience

Specialist lender Together has raised the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) across its first and second charge mortgage products to 70%. The finance firm...

22 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Significant growth in mortgage costs for low-deposit borrowers – study

The cost of borrowing for low-deposit borrowers has increased across all mortgage types over the last year, new data from Mortgage...

03 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Suros Capital launches alternative short-term lending facility

Suros Capital has officially been launched to provide short-term lending facilities specifically aimed at people secured against luxury assets including jewellery,...

12 November 2020

From: Breaking News

Landbay partners with Primis Mortgage Network

UK specialist buy-to-let lender Landbay has announced its partnership with Primis Mortgage Network, one of the largest mortgage and protection networks...

22 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Purchase values up 12% while remortagage values drop, research shows

Despite Covid-19, the average mortgage value for purchasers is up 12.4% compared to the same period in 2019, according to data...

18 September 2020

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Equity Release Supermarket joins forces with LiveMore Capital

Equity release advisory service provider Equity Release Supermarket (ERS) has partnered with LiveMore Capital. Specialising in retirement interest only (RIO) mortgages for...

26 August 2020

From: Breaking News

MCI Club extends later life lending panel with LiveMore Capital

The MCI Mortgage Club has added LiveMore Capital to its panel, expanding its range of products to include retirement interest-only (RIO)...

12 August 2020

From: Breaking News

Together launches its lowest ever second charge rate

Together has revamped its second charge mortgages to introduce new fixed-term products and its lowest ever rate on some secured loans. The...

27 February 2020

From: Breaking News

Bonus-friendly mortgages can boost borrowing power by up to £33,000

Workers who received a festive bonus and are looking to purchase a property in 2020 could boost their borrowing power by...

16 January 2020

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Buy-to-let borrowing stable despite market slowdown

The buy-to-let market has remained relatively stable despite the decline in overall mortgage business during Q3 2019, according to Paragon Bank. Its...

13 November 2019

From: Breaking News

BrokerSense launches buy-to-let mortgage calculator

The UK’s first buy-to-let mortgage calculator of its kind has officially been launched by BrokerSense, the provider of specialist mortgage calculators...

07 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Roma Finance launches bridge to term product

Manchester-based bridging and development finance lender, Roma Finance, has secured institutional funding for a medium-term mortgage product. The five-year buy-to-let mortgage is...

09 April 2019

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HLPartnership and Mortgage Support Network confirm later life lending seminars

HLPartnership (HLP) and Mortgage Support Network (MSN) will be hosting two seminars focusing on later life lending following their successful January...

13 February 2019

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Lenders have too much power over borrowers, says report

Over two thirds (68%) of British people think lenders have too much power over borrowers. The findings come from new online polling...

01 February 2019

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Millions of mortgage holders underestimated time it took to be mortgage free

Nearly a third (32%) of current mortgage holders, which equates to approximately 4 million people, may have to re-evaluate their finances...

08 January 2019

From: Breaking News

Three million borrowers may still be paying off their mortgage after retirement

A fifth of current mortgage holders believe they will still be paying off their mortgage beyond the age of 65 –...

28 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Larger deposit borrowers see market share squeezed

First-time buyers and others with small deposits took a greater share of the market last month than in August, according to...

17 October 2018

From: Breaking News

HL Partnership embraces retirement interest-only lending

The launch of retirement interest only (RIO) products by lenders provides a valuable alternative to the growing number of later life...

07 September 2018

From: Breaking News

M&S Bank introduces 95% LTV and 35-year products

M&S Bank has extended its maximum loan-to-value (LTV) to 95% on three new products in a bid to further assist first-time...

23 August 2018

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