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Stark figures show mortgage repayment burden for borrowers

Higher mortgage rates are a drag on house price growth says Zoopla - and it’s produced startling figures to prove it. The...

07 May 2024

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UK residents need an average salary of close to £54,000 to purchase a property, according to new research.  The study shows that...

29 April 2024

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Revealed - the latest trends in UK lending and borrowing

A new report reveals the latest trends  in UK lending and borrowing, compiled by lending software company Lenvi. The most notable trends include...

17 April 2024

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Wealth manager launches attack on Halifax’s age limit U-turn

Mortgage lender Halifax is imposing a new 70-year age limit on the terms of its home loans for some borrowers. This has...

20 March 2024

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Two year fixes fall by fastest rate since 2022 - Moneyfacts

Average mortgage rates on the overall two- and five-year fixed rate deals have now been falling for six consecutive months. The overall...

19 February 2024

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First Time Buyers seek larger deposits - help may be on the way

New research from Aldermore suggests that some 55 per cent of prospective first time buyers are currently seeking to raise a...

29 January 2024

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New mortgage targets landlords planning ‘light refurbs’ on BTL units

The Suffolk Building Society has launched new mortgage products aimed at private landlords who are planning refurbishments, such as a new...

24 January 2024

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Happy Holidays! Lifetime mortgage funds fuel trips of a lifetime

Lifetime mortgage fund usage continues to show a mixture of aspirational and needs-based borrowing, according to figures from lender Pure Retirement....

24 January 2024

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First Time Buyers may get 25 year fixed term mortgages under Labour

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves says first time buyers could benefit from a "revolution in home ownership" with 25-year fixed-rate mortgages. Reeves says...

22 January 2024

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Building Society warns it may stop lending on holiday lets

A building society says it is considering ending its policy of lending to buyers of holiday lets. Martese Carton, the director of...

10 January 2024

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Swap Rate falls trigger speculation of early 2024 rate cut

Falling swap rates - already falling over the past month - have dropped further following better-than-expected inflation news, triggering speculation over...

27 December 2023

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Debt Crisis - a third of people struggling to meet repayments

Approaching a third of people are struggling to meet loan repayments of all kinds because of the cost of living crisis. That’s...

13 December 2023

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Amazing interest-free mortgage help  scheme introduced by government

Homeowners in Wales who are struggling with their mortgages could get loans that are interest-free for the first five years under...

13 November 2023

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Unique mortgage affordability tool launched by digital broker

A digital mortgage broker has launched an online tool aggregating data from over 50 Buy to Let lenders to calculate what...

08 November 2023

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Equity Release begins long haul back to normal market conditions

The equity release market has seen growth for the first time in 12 months with quarterly increases in both new customers...

08 November 2023

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Record mortgage debt repayments as equity release “changes market”

UK mortgage holders are repaying record amounts of mortgage debt, according to the  Equity Release Council. But the ERC claims high levels...

25 October 2023

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Boom! Big increase in mortgage choice for investor borrowers

The buy-to-let sector has seen fixed rates fall and product choice grow month-on-month, according to the latest analysis by Moneyfactscompare. Overall buy-to-let...

16 October 2023

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Many More 35-Year Mortgages - new figures show surge

New data from Experian reveals that one in four mortgages lent to those under 30 now have a term of 35...

11 October 2023

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot… like a Christmas mortgage crisis

Half a million mortgage-holders are facing an imminent financial shock as their fixed deals end in the run-up to Christmas or...

25 September 2023

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Spike in Demand for Interest Only due to Mortgage Charter

Data from mortgage research and sourcing platform Legal & General Ignite reveals a significant spike in searches for Interest Only products...

13 September 2023

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Four in 10 borrowers will be retired when their mortgages mature

Equifax data has found that 41 per cent of live mortgages in the UK are held by customers who will be...

13 September 2023

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Borrowers switch to lump-sum repayments and fixed rate products

UK mortgage customers are turning to fixed rates and lump-sum payments as interest rates rise, according to new research by Butterfield...

23 August 2023

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Huge Rise in Popularity of 35 Year Mortgages - new figures

New Freedom of Information data from the FCA - gathered by Quilter, the wealth manager and financial adviser - reveals that...

01 August 2023

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Mortgage Relief - UK banks can withstand the next economic crisis

The Bank of England’s latest stress test of the financial system suggests that UK's eight largest lenders could survive a worst...

18 July 2023

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Mortgage costs not deterring housing market - at least not yet

Nationwide says the sharp rise in the costs of mortgages is causing a "significant drag" on the housing market - but...

04 July 2023

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Mortgage Charter - Have You Read It?

Companies representing some 85 per cent of all mortgage lending have signed up to a new charter.  The lenders claims they have...

04 July 2023

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UK Finance reminds lending sector of obligations

Trade body UK Finance has issued a timely reminder to the mortgage lending sector of its obligations to borrowers struggling following...

27 June 2023

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Young people more likely to opt for trackers, says Uswitch study

People aged 18-24 are more than twice as likely to choose a tracker mortgage than any other age group Those 55 or...

07 February 2023

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Finance expert offers spoonful of sugar to mortgage holders

Mortgage holders swallowed another bitter pill last week when the Bank of England raised interest rates for the tenth consecutive time. The...

07 February 2023

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The cost of homeownership rises to £76,000 in first year

Estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk, claims that after purchasing a property the average homebuyer pays £76,000 during the initial year. In some...

22 November 2022

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Mortgage crisis – 90% of arts and culture employees can’t remortgage

Mortgage rates in the UK have risen significantly during 2022, which appears to have proven an issue for homeowners hoping to switch...

01 November 2022

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Buy or Rent - buying a home remains cheaper than renting

New findings by Revolution Brokers suggest that despite the increasing cost of borrowing, buying is less expensive than renting.  The analysis was conducted by...

01 November 2022

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Revealed - why now could be the right time to remortgage

New research by Revolution Brokers show that the average monthly cost of a variable rate mortgage has climbed by 13.3% so far...

18 October 2022

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Property forecast - mortgage repayments are predicted to rise by £300 per month

New research by specialist property lending experts, Octane Capital, shows that monthly mortgage payments could increase by £300 each month.  Homebuyers coming to...

06 October 2022

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Devastating hit for homebuyers as mortgage costs climb

As governmental changes sweep through the nation, countless elements within the property sector have been affected, including mortgages. Market analysis by specialist...

27 September 2022

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Revealed - mortgage costs increase up to 21.5%

New findings by Revolution Brokers reveal exactly how much more money homeowners and buyers can expect to pay for their mortgage...

15 September 2022

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Insight - 50-year mortgages pose high risk for the housing market

According to a leading property firm, the latest announcement that a specialist lender has been given a license to off 50-year...

01 September 2022

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Want to set up camp in the Capital? Here's how to fund a prime London property

If you’ve ever been to the capital, then you’ll know that there are plenty of high-end homes, some for sale or...

16 August 2022

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Revealed – what happens to equity release plans when you die?

Equity release allows the older generation to release some of the money from the value of their home through a series...

02 August 2022

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Households hit – mortgage costs account for 28% of disposable income

The proportion of disposable household income required to cover average mortgage repayments is 27.6% so far in 2022 – the highest...

21 July 2022

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Insight - Bank of England drops mortgage affordability tests

A recent change in mortgage rules that required lenders to check whether homeowners could afford repayments at higher interest rates has...

23 June 2022

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Moving in a positive direction – expert reacts to interest rate rise

Last week (June 16), the Bank of England increased the base rate by 0.25%, up from 1.00% to 1.25%. In response, Moneyfacts.co.uk...

21 June 2022

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Five expert tips to get on the property ladder on your own

Often, we are sold the dream of settling down with a partner and purchasing our dream house together – but, what...

10 May 2022

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Rising interest rates pose ‘financial misery’ for 57% of buyers

As a direct result of the rising cost of living, over half (57%) of Brits are already struggling financially, or expect...

24 March 2022

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Pandemic pinch – 3.2m adults have missed some form of major payment

Some 3.2 million adults in the UK have missed some form of major payment over the last two years as the...

15 March 2022

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Addressing the UK’s homelessness crisis as the eviction ban ends

The housing industry, like many other sectors, experienced a tumultuous 2021 as the pandemic continued to trigger exponential house price rises....

03 March 2022

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Homebuyers: How could an interest rate rise affect you?

With the interest rate rising from 0.25% to 0.5%, Brian Murphy, head of lending at Mortgage Advice Bureau, shares his top tips homeowners...

22 February 2022

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Don’t let the heart rule the head when buying a house - tips from Together

Scott Clay at Together - the specialist lender - has shared a few tips for couples considering buying their first home...

15 February 2022

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Nationwide house price index shows strong market – industry reacts

The latest Nationwide house price index, released yesterday morning, reveals that January has seen the strongest start to the year since...

03 February 2022

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Homeowners – how could an interest rate rise affect you?

With the Bank of England raising interest rates for the first time in more than three years, Brian Murphy, head of lending...

23 December 2021

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80% of advisers confident that the equity release market will grow in 2022

Recent research from leading later life lender more2life has found that 80% of equity release advisers are confident that the market...

16 December 2021

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Homeowners – five cost-cutting steps for mortgage repayments

Nisha Vaidya, mortgage expert at Uswitch, explains how homeowners can use low-interest rates to their advantage and help make their mortgage more...

28 October 2021

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People willing to pay £1,200 more a year for a ‘certainty premium’

Most people are willing to pay a ‘certainty premium’ of £1,200 per year for a long-term guarantee of fixed mortgage repayments,...

21 October 2021

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Mortgage roundup – “Outstanding” products for lenders and consumers

The mortgage roundup column returns to bring you the latest news on mortgage products coming to the market, featuring Furness Building...

12 October 2021

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Mortgage roundup – revamped products and the highest LTV available

Roma Finance completed a record month in May, reporting a 50% increase in pipeline business on top of the 100% increase...

15 June 2021

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Revealed – the cheapest countries to own a home around the world

Mortgage borrowing in the UK has now reached its highest level since 1993, with home buyers looking to make the most...

11 May 2021

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Homeowners wait until it’s too late for financial protection – study

Existing and aspiring homeowners admit it takes a ‘radical change in circumstances’ before they’d consider purchasing a financial protection product, according...

29 April 2021

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One in four homeowners miss mortgage payments – study

Some 26% of homeowners, or those buying a property, have missed a mortgage payment due to falling ill or having an...

23 March 2021

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Debt begone! Lockdown savings fuel record mortgage repayments

Savings made during lockdown have allowed some borrowers to reduce their debt commitments, with a record £17.6 billion of mortgages repaid...

18 March 2021

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Revealed – Covid’s ongoing effect on the housing market

Equity Release Supermarket (ERS) has reported the behavioural shifts and factors still influencing customers due to the ongoing effects of the...

04 February 2021

From: Breaking News

MCI adds more2life to its later life proposition

more2life has become the sixth lender to join MCI mortgage club’s later life lending panel. The addition means more2life will give the...

15 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Pure launches customer account servicing resources

Pure Retirement has launched a new customer-facing brochure to keep its account holders informed about plan features and the processes involved...

20 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Pure Retirement expands classic range distribution

Pure Retirement has decided to expand its ‘Classic Lifetime Mortgage’ range to a wider selection of the equity release market. The latest...

03 September 2020

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Equity release customers ‘value repayments and drawdown’ most

The ability to make interest payments and capital repayments are becoming increasingly important for equity release customers as products develop, according...

20 February 2020

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Number of mortgages for 40 years or more jumps 20-fold in a year

The number of 40-year mortgages approved jumped over 20-fold in 2018, up from only 162 in 2017, according to ludlowthompson. The London...

26 July 2019

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Pure Retirement launches new product range for later life lending

Pure Retirement has announced the launch of its new product suite for advisers, named the Heritage range. The product, which is available...

30 May 2019

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Leeds launches buy-to-let variable mortgages from 1.14%

Leeds Building Society has launched two new discounted but-to-let mortgages. The society aims to support landlords to actively manage their property portfolios...

23 November 2018

From: Breaking News

HL Partnership embraces retirement interest-only lending

The launch of retirement interest only (RIO) products by lenders provides a valuable alternative to the growing number of later life...

07 September 2018

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Completion rates in first-time buyer mortgage applications rose in 2017

The majority (74%) of mortgage applications via intermediaries for first-time buyers resulted in a completion during Q4 2017, according to the...

09 March 2018

From: Breaking News

More equity release options for ‘silver separators’

Many older divorcees are struggling to pay the mortgage post-split, according to figures from LEBC. The financial planning firm is placing greater...

16 January 2018

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Variable mortgage enquiries soar despite bank rate rise

Borrowers are still opting for variable mortgages despite the Bank of England base rate increase, new figures from Yorkshire Building Society...

14 November 2017

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Accord figures show a remortgage rush

Figures from Accord Mortgages show a jump in remortgage applications over the summer, with borrowers grabbing competitive mortgage deals ahead of...

08 September 2017

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Why banks and building societies should be lending to the over 50s

Following the introduction of new lending rules in April 2016, under the Mortgage Market Review (MMR), many banks and building societies...

18 January 2017

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Remortgaging hits seven-year high in April

Remortgage lending leapt 48% by value in the year to April to hit £6.4 billion, the largest sum recorded since November...

26 May 2016

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Mortgage gap closes as high-LTV loans get cheaper

The gap between mortgage rates at different LTVs has narrowed dramatically, making life easier for borrowers with small deposits. Mortgage rates for borrowers...

24 May 2016

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Mortgage timebomb for ‘generation rent’

A new report from Halifax has found that delays in getting on to the property ladder could force many people to...

04 May 2016

From: Breaking News

Limited company buy-to-let lending soars

Applications for limited company buy-to-let mortgages have soared since December and now make up to one in three new cases. Growth has...

30 March 2016

From: Breaking News

MCD could bar cheap loans to accidental landlords

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD), could bar accidental landlords from switching to cheaper mortgage deals on affordability grounds. Many could be told they...

11 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Higher-LTV lending squeezed as purchases soar

House purchase values rose 20% in the final quarter of 2015 yet there was also a worrying drop in higher-LTV lending. The...

09 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Leeds launches lowest ever 10-year fix

Leeds Building Society is launching the lowest ever 10-year fixed rate mortgage charging just 2.75%. The best buy deal, available from Thursday,...

09 March 2016

From: Breaking News

Accord and Leeds unveil five-year fixes

Accord Mortgages and Leeds Building Society have launched new five-year fixed-rate mortgages with added incentives. Intermediary-only lender Accord’s deals are aimed at borrowers...

17 February 2016

From: Breaking News

No sign of mortgage rate hike this year

Mortgage rates look set to remain unchanged this year as the Bank of England held base rates once again yesterday. Analysts have pushed back...

15 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Britons unprepared for rising mortgage rates

Britons are unprepared for rising mortgage rates even though nearly three-quarters would see their monthly repayments rise if the base rate...

14 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Treasury lines up new buy-to-let crackdown

The Treasury has launched a consultation on giving the Bank of England more powers to control buy-to-let and could introduce new lending...

18 December 2015

From: Breaking News

Borrowers urged to fix before UK rates rise

Mortgage brokers are urging borrowers to fix their mortgage repayments in the wake of the US Federal Reserve decision to increase...

18 December 2015

From: Breaking News

Yorkshire BS launches outstanding 95% LTV fix

Yorkshire Building Society has just launched a new two-year fixed rate mortgage priced at 3.68% until 31 January 2018. This deal is...

16 December 2015

From: Breaking News

Basel Committee joins assault on buy-to-let

Buy-to-let is in the line of fire again with reports that officials at the Basel Committee are looking to get tough on...

11 December 2015

From: Breaking News

One in three don't know their mortgage rate

One in three mortgage holders have no idea what rate of interest they are paying, new research shows. This is despite growing...

08 December 2015

From: Breaking News

Cost of owning a home: £15,000 a year

The annual cost of home ownership is now £15,300 and is expected to rise sharply in future, according to new research...

16 October 2015

From: Breaking News

Tax crackdown threatens buy-to-let boom

New figures confirm that buy-to-let continues to outperform the mortgage market but industry experts warn that the forthcoming tax crackdown may...

16 September 2015

From: Breaking News

Lenders launch new price war as rate hike threat recedes

Lenders have launched another round of "best ever" mortgage rates as the prospect of a Bank of England base rate hike recedes further...

11 September 2015

From: Breaking News

Over 600,000 will use pension to clear mortgage

More than 600,000 Britons intend to use all or part of their pension to help repay their mortgage balance, new research...

28 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Building societies grab more market share

Building societies approved 189,000 mortgages in the first half of 2015, accounting for 29% of the total market. Societies also lent £26.4...

20 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Demand for 30-plus mortgage terms soars

The appetite for longer-term mortgages is soaring as homebuyers look to stretch out their repayments to make them more affordable, new...

17 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Property more affordable than in 1997

Talk of an affordability crisis appears overblown as homes are now more affordable than in 1997, new research suggests. A combination of falling...

04 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Fixed rates now cheaper than variable rates

As mortgages plunge to record lows borrowers no longer have to pay more for the security of a fixed rate. The difference...

29 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Affordability improves sharply over the last year

The salary of the average homebuyer fell 16% year-on-year in June to £34,584, as improved mortgage affordability boosted lower income borrowers. The...

24 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Yorkshire BS unveils four-year offset

Yorkshire Building Society has launched the only range of four-year offset mortgages available on the market today. It said this followed a...

24 June 2015

From: Breaking News

Mortgage affordability rises sharply

Mortgage affordability for people who want to buy a home has hit its highest level for six years. Just one in three...

22 June 2015

From: Breaking News

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